Gettysburg Refought...

First Contact

The first contact - Confederate troops deploy to the south of Gettysburg village as Federals descend Culp's Hill towards them.

In the background, a slightly less-than-historically hirsute R.E. Lee wonders why Hill's corps isn't getting stuck in...

Gettysburg Panorama

The two leading corps face off against one another.

In case you hadn't noticed, it's a 15mm battle. All troops provided by members, all terrain from the club's permanent collection. If you ask Joe nicely, he won't let you use it but he may moderate his invective in the refusal...

Gettysburg Town

A close-up of the town of Gettysburg with the tail of a Union brigade making themselves scarce.

The rules used were Fire & Fury, though there is still some debate as to whether the game was a succession of the Gettysburg scenarios provided by that ruleset, or just a big, contiguous slug-fest.

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