Gettysburg Refought...

Day 2 Panorama

Day 2. The view from the Union left flank. In the foreground are the Round Tops, the Peach Orchard is to the left (masking Devil's Den) and the Union Centre spreads out in the background.

The Union line has extended, but (front left) Sickles has advanced his Corps well beyond the line of the ridge. A mistake or genius?

Gettysburg Day 2 - Union Centre

The three Union Corps in the centre are massed to repel a frontal assault. Surely no-one with a reputation as inflated as Lee's would consider such a lunacy?

Ewells Corps

Ewell's Corps is launched against Culp's Hill. It's supposed to be co-ordinated with Longstreet's assault on the (supposedly) unoccupied Round Tops but Old Peter (Longstreet) is never one to act in haste...

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