3rd April 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 3rd April 2003.

Game: 25mm Thirty Years War
Rules: Warhammer English Civil War

Well this was a game and a half, played on a 12 by 6 feet table with 6 or 7 of us controlling the respective armies.

It was the first outing for a while for a Polish Army owned by one of the members which dated back to the 1970s - much debate ensued about who had manufactured the figures, Hinchliffe being the most favoured opinion.

At the ready...

This was a game of epic proportions, and like a real battle from this period, I have no idea what was happening in other areas of the battle field, other than a general perception of which troops were winning and which were not!!!

Winged Hussars.

The Polish Winged Hussars, which (we decided in true Warhammer fashion) caused fear in poor quality troops, seemed to be causing havoc on the left while on the right, there didn't seem to be any major advantage gained by either side with troops both sides fleeing the field...

Holding fire...

In the Centre, it all got rather tense as the Imperial Army bore down on the Poles who were trying to hold fire until the last possible moment. Whether or not they managed it, we'll find out next week....

Game: 15mm Ancients - Cartheginians v Macedonian Greeks
Rules: DBM

The elephants advance...

DBM has undergone a bit of a revival at the club in the last few months, and continued this week with this rather nice looking game.

Ready for action.

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