10th April 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 10th April 2003.

Game: 25mm Thirty Years War
Rules: Warhammer English Civil War

This was the second week of a two week game. Below you can see the Polish cavalry about to be defeated...

The Polish cavalry about to be defeated...

There was a great deal of action on the right wing with cavalry units to-ing and fro-ing...see picture below.

Cavalry scrap

The battle was won by the Imperial Army, as the Polish left and centre crumbled.


Game: 15mm Ancients - Cartheginians v Macedonian Greeks
Rules: DBM

This was the second (and final) week of the DBM game.

Defend the fortress...

Game: 1/6000 Naval Battle
Rules: Own Rules

This was a WW1 Naval battle representing the hunt for the Admiral Souchon's heavy battle cruiser, The Goeben. The photos aren't available yet, I'll post them when they are.

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