17th April 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 17th April 2003. Many apologies for the photographs this time, my usual photographer wasn't there, and my camera is...er...not good. The photos below are the best of a bad bunch.

Game: 6mm English Civil War
Rules: Forlorn Hope

Parliamentary Lines

Well, this was the first time I'd tried Forlorn Hope, and very promising it seems as well. We tried the Battle of Hopton Heath as it was fairly small, with a variety of troops, and wouldn't take too long. I used the Forlorn Hope guide to Hopton Heath to work out the army lists and terrain, though I scaled it at 1:20 to get more figures on the table.


Well, I played the Parliamentary Army and, my naivety about ECW tactics showed...I learned the first rule of ECW gaming the hard way. Never ever position raw trotters in front of your foot, when they break....they break in a big way!!!

Royalist lines...

The game actually took longer to set up than play...which was useful as Bob (a rather experienced, and VERY patient Forlorn Hope Player) happened to have some 15mm ECW figures with him.

A more conventional game ensues (sorry, no piccies) with 4 or 5 regiments of foote in the centre, and some cavalry units on the wings. My Royalist cavalry performed as you'd expect, sweeping the Parliamentary Trotters from the field, and as I had some Leaders with them, managed to prevent enough units from pursuing to return to the battle to route the Parliamentary infantry...a good game.

Game: 15mm Ancients - Mongol v Mamaluke Egyptians
Rules: DBM

Sorry, no photos of this one, well, none that were in focus anyway.....

Game: 1/6000 Naval Battle - World War 1
Rules: Own Rules

The Battle of Coronel

This was a WW1 Naval battle representing the Battle of Coronel, which was located just off the coast of Chili in 1914.

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