24th April 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 24th April 2003.

Game: 20mm World War 2
Rules: Crossfire

We hadn't played crossfire for a while, Battle front being the ruleset of choice late last year, but it was nice to revisit it - it gives a different sort of game.


This was the first outing for some of the new terrain pieces that our terrain officer had painted, and very nice they were too, as can be seen below.

New building...

This will be a two week game, the object of which was to secure the bridge and a route for a convoy.

American advance.

Game: 15mm Ancients - Sassanid Persians v Late Romans
Rules: DBM

Clash of arms...

DBM has made a comeback at the club in recent weeks and, with a wide variety of armies being owned by various club members, there is plenty of choice for battles.


Game: 1/6000 Naval Battle - World War 1
Rules: Own Rules


This was a fictional battle between the Greeks and the Turks set in WW2.


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