20th February 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 20th February 2003.

Game: 25mm American Civil War
Rules: Johnny Reb 2

Legging it...

...a continuation of last weeks game....well, once again I can only really comment on my side of the battle which, to be honest, didn't last very long as my brigade decided that combat wasn't for them and legged it!!! It has been said by other members of the club (in hushed tones) that they've never seen a more spectacular set of bad dice rolls in years...!!!

The game finished in a draw, with both sides capturing one of the hills that was identified in their objectives.

Game: 25mm Science Fiction
Rules: Stargrunt

Where are the Uruk Hai...???

Don't know much about this game I'm afraid, but it looked good - you may spot Stuart Hitchinsons rather spiffing Helms Deep model cunning disguised as an alien fortress!!!

Charge of the Alien Brigade

The game is to be continued next week, though Barry, who was defending, did rather feel that the attackers weren't being fair - they seemed to be hiding rather a lot so he couldn't shoot them!!!

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