27th February 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 27th February 2003.

Game: 25mm American Civil War
Rules: Johnny Reb 2

Well I wasn't at the club this week, so I can't comment on this game - surfice to say it was a smaller game than last week. Very good it looks to...

Union Lines

Above you can see the Union starting positions in the early morning sunshine (!)

The Rebels Advance

The Rebels advance...


The view from the Union observation balloon...

Game: 25mm Science Fiction
Rules: Stargrunt

A continuation of last weeks game...the Israelis task was to defend helms deep against a horde of Germans.

The Israelis defend...

The Israeli sniper proved excellent at slowing the oppositions advance but was unable to prevent a squad in power armour from storming their way through the corridors into the inner curtain wall.

The command squad was able to cause a couple of casualties to the power armour with concentrated fire but then took reciprocal damage. loosing both the commander and sergeant.

A squad was pulled off the outer wall in order to come back and support the command squad but this was like waving a red flag at a bull and the Power Armoured squad promptly engaged then in close combat and persuade then back up the outer wall killing 5 before turning on another squad and severely mauling it before it could withdraw.

Crossing the Open Ground

The remnants of the Israelis now retreated inside the inner wall. Where the sniper continued to do good service, holding up the bulk of the Germans until the soul surviving power armour trooper stormed in and killed him in close combat and in turn being mown down. At this point the Israeli position became untenable and their honourable surrender was accepted.

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