16th January 2003

Here's a couple of photos from the games which took place at the meeting of the club held on Thursday 16th January 2003.

Game: Thirty Years War in 25mm
Rules: Warhammer ECW with Club Adaptations

Steve Spence, the Club Secretary, has written some adaptations for "Warhammer English Civil War" so that these rules can be used for the Thirty Years War (we hope to place them on the website in the near future).

DWG has been playtesting the rules for some time now, and tonight saw the begining of the latest in a long line of 25mm games in this period. The game was played on an 8 x 6 feet table.

Starting Positions...
Starting Positions

On your marks, get set....
The Imperial Army...Ready for the Off!

Game: Ancients - Egyptians vs. Hittites in 6mm
Rules: DBM

Ancient wargaming has been popular at the club over the last year, with Warhammer Ancients and DBM being used in the main.

DBM 6m - Egyptians v Hittites
Defending the Town...

6mm DBM Game in Progress
Another shot of the game in progress

Game: Lord of the Rings - Weathertop
Rules: Games Workshop LOTR (Fellowship)

No photos of this one I'm afraid, the only game the I failed to get a decent photo of was the one I was running!!!

You all know the story (if not, why not), the 4 hobbits were camped inthe ruins of Weathertop whilst Aragorn was scouting the area. Unknown to the Good side, the Witch King and four Ringwraiths were approaching from the south.

When the game started, the hobbits failed to detect the presense of the Ringwraiths until they were almost on top of them so they had to fend for themselves until Aragorn returned...

Sam was killed, as was one of the Ringwraiths but the rest of the hobbits, together with Aragorn (when he entered the fray) looked like hanging on long enough for the Ringwraiths to be banished (they lost 1 point of Will per turn if they were engaged in combat)....then...in the very last turn prior to the Wraiths running out of Will...Aragorn failed a courage test and b*****ed off leaving an unchallanged Ringwraith to advance on Frodo. After failing to successfully use his last Fate point, Frodo bit the dust and victory belonged to the Forces of Darkness.

A good game, though how the Good side (of which I was part) managed to snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory I've no idea....but I'm not bitter...honest!!!

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