30th January 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 30th January 2003. I was expecting this to be a quiet night, mainly because of the severe weather conditions in the North East of England, however, there was more going on than I expected.

Game: English Civil War
Rules: Rennaisance Principles of War

Allow me (the webmaster) a little self-indulgence here. I'm a big 6mm fan and I've had the figures used in this report for around a year now, so I thought it was about time I finished painting them so to give them there first outing at the club. I've based them so I could use them for the new edition of Forlorn Hope, with the 6mm ammedments (casualty removal is elements, rather than single figures as normal) - though I've used 15mm groundscale because it looks better than 6mm groundscale.

The good thing about using this size of base was that they were also suitable for Principles of War, which I'm also a big fan of - the only basing differences being 3cm base depth for gallopers, trotters and artillery rather than 4cm, which I didn't feel was important for non-competition play.

We used the Late Royalist and New Model Army lists from the rulebook, always useful if you want to play a game quickly, without the need for too much preparation.

The armies moved towards each other and, once spotted, were deployed from their (hidden) movement bases.

The Parliamentary Lines

In the above picture, you can see the Parliamentary lines ready for action...if you look carefully, you will notice the pikemen with the yellow flag facing the wrong way!!!

The Cavalry Clash!!!

The Royalist right wing smashed the Parliamentary left, though their counterparts on the left had a little more difficulty - not in smashing the Parliamentary troops, but in not puruing them to the table edge...which they did with vigour, and because of the PiPs needed, an order change from the C-in-C was not forthcoming leaving them ineffective for the rest of the game. Next time I'll draw my movement arrows more carefully on the deployment map!!!

Aquaring up for the fight

In the face-off above, note the unit markers which are numbered stickers on one pence pieces - double sided (the reverse side indicates a shaken unit). Stationary Box sell a very handy set of one pence sized circular stickers which seem to be designed for wargames markers!!!

A couple of stray parliamentary trotter units were used to support their infantry, though not to great effect, whilst the parliamentary foot decided to attack the Royalists, who were under hold orders, in the centre of the table. A combination of bad dice rolls, and the impending arrival of the Royalist right wing (who had more success in changing their orders than the left wing) meant a hasty surrender.

Game: Skirmish at Helms Deep
Rules: Lord of the Rings

Club member Stuart Hitchinson has been building Helms Deep (see terrain section) to be used at the club (and hopefully at our annual show) later in the year. Though not finished yet, it was decided that it was too good not to use for the evening so a hasty Helms deep scenario was played.

Waiting for the Uruks to appear...
The defenders await the approach of Sarumans Uruk Hai.

Gimli attacks...
Gimli leaps into the void to defend the breach...

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