17th July 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 17th July 2003.

Game: Seven Years War in 15mm
Rules: Piquet

Another Piquet game at the club, this time Seven Years War - the amendment for this period written by the Ilkley Lads were used.

Game: World War 2 in 15mm
Rules: Flames of War

This is the second time we've tried this set of rules. It's fast and fun...combat is lethal, as both sides found out.

The game ended in victory for the Americans, but in the end, it was a close run thing...if the German deployment had been better (more down to not understanding how deadly combat was in these rules than anything else) then they may well have won.

Other Games

This was another busy night at the club, with games of DBM and 20mm WW2 also being played - no photos this time though I'm afraid.

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