26th June 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 26th June 2003.

Game: 1st Carlist War in 25mm
Rules: Piquet

Well, here we go - the second week of a two week game. With the Carlist reinforcements sweeping down the centre, the Cristiand desperately tried to hang on to the ridge (their objective).

As wave after wave of Carlists advanced, the Cristian line held firm (with some spectacular dice throwing from the Guard brigades) and the Carlist players, running out of morale chips, conceded.

Game: World War 2 in 6mm
Rules: GHQ World War 2 Microtanks

Another two week game using the underated GHQ rules. Below, the Shermans catch the PzIV s in the flank, causing a casualty before they can manoeuvre under cover of smoke.

Below, an SdKfz251/10 (with flame throwers) attacks the British infantry in the flank (a bad move).

The result was a German minor victory, mainly due to localised control of the road junction objective.

Game: 25mm Ancients
Rules: Club Members Own

A nice Ancient battles using rules written by club members.

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