13th March 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 13th March 2003.

Game: 15mm Sikh Wars
Rules: Piquet

The British advance

Well this was something a bit different. Piquet is a set of rules I've owned for a while, and never got round to playing. So here we go, in at the deep end with a period of history I know nothing about. Piquet isn't the sort of game you can just pick up and play, it requires preparation...and quite a lot of it!!!

I don't have any army lists for the Sikh Wars, though after a few days research, I did a "best guess" which, I'm pleased to say, I got mainly right (except I over-rated the strength of the Sikh Cavalry).

Sikh Artillery

Well, there were 4 of us in the game, 2 of us never having played before, one of us with one game under his belt and one with only a handful of games. Despite this, I must say the rules were very easy to pick up. The concept of the game had always intrigued me - and I wasn't disappointed.

I loved the idea of not knowing when I was going to be able to move, fire etc. The game was exciting as you waited for the turn of the card you needed to reload your guns!!!

British Lines

As for the game itself, it was a victory for the British - but who cares (I was playing Sikhs), we'll give the rules another go next week with a Franco-Prussian War game.

Game: 6mm Napoleonics
Rules: Empire

Ready for action

Can't say anything about this game I'm afraid as I wasn't involved, but I can tell you it was Austria v France which was played using a boxed set of rules called Empire, which I believe was published by Emperors Press in the dim and distant past.

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