20th March 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 20th March 2003.

Game: 15mm Franco-Prussian War
Rules: Piquet

Cavalry advance

Once again, we thought we'd try a game of piquet - and very enjoyable it was too! Franco-Prussian war this time, using the Hallowed Ground supplement (1st Edition, we haven't got the 2nd Edition as yet).

I do like what this ruleset has to offer, replaying a battle in a believable manner with initiative swinging between the 2 sides. While the rules seem to work historically, they are, above anything else, fun.....

Clash of arguments...

The French defended their lines as they were bombarded by Prussian artillery. As the Prussians advanced, the French Army met them in the field, and, with the help of units located in nearby town sectors, managed to halt the advance.

Through the town...

The Prussians then prepared to counter-attack, which is where we left the game for the evening....to be continued next week.

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