27th March 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 27th March 2003.

Game: 15mm Franco-Prussian War
Rules: Piquet

The Battle for the Town

The second week of a two week battle. The French had successfully occupied parts of the town, the Prussians were therefore attempting to push them out - the town was positioned in a very strategic position in the centre of the board, and it's capture was vital to Prussian success.

Out on the right flank, the Prussian cavalry, through a combination of poor tactics on the general's behalf (me!), and very good initiative rolls by the French, allowed itself to be charged.

On the left flank, the Prussians (lacking their usual efficiency) had somehow managed the a-historical gathering of artillery where it proved to be ineffective.

Out of Morale Chips in a major way due to heavy losses in the centre, the Prussian Army crumbled....a victory for the French.

Game: 25mm Romans vs. Seleucids (I think)
Rules: Warhammer Ancient Battles

A forest of Pikes...

This looked fun...though it looked far to difficult to move some of the units involved. Because of the Pikes, I think we need a first aid kit at the club!!!

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