8th May 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 8th May 2003.

Game: World War 2 Squad Level in 15mm
Rules: Piquet (Point of Atack 2)

This is a two week game, look out for a comprehensive report on the 15th May 2003.

Game: Napoleonics in 15mm
Rules: Napoleons Battles (Avalon Hill)

This was the second week in a three week game.

Napoleons Battles

Game: 25mm Colonial Wars
Rules: Science v. Pluck

Don't know much about this one (can anyone at the club help?) but it looked very nice...

Science vs. Pluck

Game: World War 1 Naval 1/6000 Scale
Rules: Own Rules

Sorry, no picture of this one I'm afraid - the camera ran out of batterys!!!

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