15th May 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 15th May 2003.

Another busy night at the club.

Game: World War 2 Squad Level in 15mm
Rules: Piquet (Point of Attack 2)

Well, this was an interesting one, the first time we had used Piquet for World War 2.

As we've usually played either Company Level games (Battlefront or Crossfire) or Divisional games (using Spearhead), I thought it was time to give a good old Squad Level game a go. I always enjoyed a 1 Model = 1 Vehicle; 1 Unit = 1 Squad level game. I first got into the hobby playing board games, particularly Squad Leader, so I felt the Piquet Squad scale was a good excuse to dig out all those old Squad Leader scenarios (which we'll be doing in the near future).

Having said that, it wasn't a Squad Leader scenario that we tried tonight, rather, it was one I adapted from the playtest version of "Flames of War" which was available for download some time ago.

The scenario was as follows, the table was 6 feet by 4 feet with a road running down the longer length of the table. The terrain was very heavy bocage (I'm known for having a bit of a bocage obsession), which we rated as terrain type IV (in retrospect, we should have rated it type III and perhaps made it impassable to vehicles without hedgecutters - as suggested by Eric Burgess on the Yahoo Piquet Group - because movement was slowed down quite a lot) There ws also a farm building, with an outhouse surrounded by low walls adjacent to the road in the centre of the table.


The Germans (consisting of 2 platoons, a Panther, 4 HMGs, 2 Pak 38s and some offboard 81mm Mortars) deployed anywhere on one half of the board, their objective being to ensure that the Americans could not use the road. They weren't allowed to deploy in the farm, but of course, could move into there - which of course they did when the first deployment card was turned. We did allow the Pak38s to remain hidden until they could be seen (or were fired).

The American objective was to take the road - they consisted of 3 Platoons of infantry, supported by 1 HMG and 1 60mm Mortar per Platoon, along with 3 Sherman M4s (75mm) and 2 57mm Anti Tank Guns (with limbers, so they could be moved).

As far as the game goes, the Americans advanced slowly (very slowly) through the Bocage, using the road to move/deploy the Anti-tank Guns periodically. Where the Germans were defending the Bocage it proved very difficult for the Americans (particularly with the type IV terrain modifiers in combat), and where a squad and a machine gun controlled a stretch of open ground, it proved lethal - once a squad had a suppressed stand, and could only move on a "Move Suppressed Infantry" card, it left them very exposed....and I learned never to assault infantry in Type IV terrain with a tank!!!

The American Anti-Tank Guns managed to take out the Panther (which had remained in an exposed position for too long, and rather served it right) accompanied by joyful whoops from the American players.

Eventually, the Americans started causing enough damage to the German side to cause it to run out of morale chips, at which point, the German players made a tactical withdrawl (the American players still had plenty of chips, so numerous tactical morale challenges were on the cards - so to speak).

Attack the farm

All in all, an excellent game, which worked very well at the scale we were trying to represent - at times, it proved to be quite tense as we prayed for the card which would help us at that moment!!!

Various rules queries came up throughout the game, but rather than spend too long on these, we just got on with it - inevitably we did some things wrong (such as forgetting to increase the initiator of Close Combats die type by 1) - and thanks must go to those at the Yahoo Piquet Group who have responded (and continue to respond) to my rules queries.

I'm sure we'll do it all again in the near future...though for the next couple of weeks, it's Piquet Napoleonics.

Game: Romans v Carthagianians in 6mm
Rules: DBA

What elephant...

Don't know a lot about this one, but it looked very nice.

Game: Napoleonics in 15mm
Rules: Napoleons Battles (Avalon Hill)

Napoleons Battles

This was the third week in a three week game. Hopefully one of our club members will take the hint and email me to tell me who won, or give me a battle report :-)


Game: 25mm Colonial Wars
Rules: Science v. Pluck

Science v Pluck

This looked very nice, not a ruleset that I'd come across before, but from all the shouting that was going on, the participants seemed to be enjoying it...

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