11th September 2003

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 11th September 2003.

Game: 30 Years War in 25mm
Rules: Piquet: Anchor of Faith

The second of a 2 week 30 Years War game using the Piquet: Anchor of Faith rules....it played well enough, and I like them, though I think that most of the 30 Years War players at the club still prefer the Warhammer ECW route.

The game played as a traditional battle of the period, with cavalry engagements taking place on the flanks, Gallopers generally winning the fight....followed by much nasing of teeth as they disappeared over the horizon in pursuit never to return (!)

There was then the usual clash of infantry in the centre, though, due to some spectacular dice throwing, the tercios were put to the sword by a combination of "Dutch" and "Swedish" tactics.

Game: World War 2 in 6mm
Rules: GHQ

Game: Ancients in 15mm
Rules: DBM

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