DBM Club Tournament 2004
A Player’s Perspective

Battle 2 – Sassanid Persians

Not hopeful of a victory against the far more experienced player that Dave is, we kicked off with the aggression roll and I won. This made it autumn in the Persian desert – basically a fine, hot day. At this point I developed sunstroke and decided to set up 4 steep hills. I’m still trying to figure out why! My light horse arrayed across the open valley between these two patches of high ground and my cavalry deployed hidden behind the hills on my left. Well, I say hidden, but it was more like ‘bunched up ready to be slaughtered’’.

Arrayed before me, through the shimmering heat were lines of camelry and cavalry, their pennaths flickering in the dust. There is little to say about the battle from then on. The Persians swept forwards and chased off my light horse before turning on my cavalry, hemmed in and panicking in the hills. As time passed, the dust and lack of water hit my men and horses hard and by the time I’d deployed ready to meet the massed Persians they were so exhausted and thirsty that they could barely stand let alone fight. Two more bounds finished me off for a 10-0 loss for me.

I really don’t know what happened with this one. I’d lost the battle in the deployment and made every mistake possible. That said, even in the open ground I was outnumbered by his cavalry and outclassed by his camelry. Best left soonest mended on this one I think…its too painful to think about.

Dave knows his onions and it a highly competative player.

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