12th February 2004

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 12th February 2004.

Game: 15mm World War 2
Rules: Avalon Hill's Squad Leader(Yes, Really!!!)

Revisiting my mis-spent youth with this one....I hadn't played Squad Leader for around 15 years or so. When I was younger, I had played it (and the 3 original supplements) to death. I've tried several WW2 tabletop rulesets over the past few years, and inevitably, I was disappointed with certain aspcts of them...I just couldn't help comparing them to Squad Leader. So, after a hasty session sorting out how to convert a hex based wargame so that it works on the tabletop, off we went...

I'd looked at the SLIM (Squad Leader in Miniature) rule adaptations which had been posted at groups.yahoo.com, however, I decided to go back to the source material for this game - Squad Leader only for now (not the 3 supplements) just to see if the mechanisms worked.............and boy, do they work!!!!

We tried the Buchholz Station scenario from the original boxed boxed set (Scenario 6 I think), and, as I had already spent a couple of hours the previous Sunday setting up terrain so that it was as close to the original boards as I could get, we were ready to roll.

We managed to get through two games, one was a narrow victory for the Germans.....and one was a complete and total victory for the Germans (guess who played the Americans in the second game and was humiliated!).

What we found was that the rules played very well as is...where units were stacked (an SL mechanism), we decided that they had to be in contact, and for a unit to be adjacent, it had to be within one "stick" of another unit. A "stick" is our unit of measurement for Squad Leader and is 2 1/2 inches (equating to 1 hex in the original board game). Using this scale, a Squad Leader Board would be 2' x 6', so this 2-board game was played on a 6' x 4' table. Line of Sight, and all of the other rules were used as written , and worked very well.

We'll be trying this again in the near future, though we'll be using Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) in the future...I picked up a copy of the rules from Key's Games and Hobbies in America (visit their website at http://home.revealed.net/hobbies/ ) for around £30 including shipping, which was very reasonable...I've seen enough to convince me that this could well serve as the tabletop system I've been looking for for WW2 simulations...

I've since worked out some more detailed stacking mechanisms, together with some basing conventions which I'll outline in our first ASL game report in a couple of weeks time...

Game: 15mm Medieval
Rules: Medieval Warfare

Game: 25mm Italian Wars
Rules: Warhammer ECW, with amendments

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