22nd January 2004

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 22nd January 2004.

Game: Lord of the Rings in 25mm
Rules: Games Workshop

Lord of the Rings continues to surface every now and again - it's a very good skirmish game.

Game: Medieval in 15mm
Rules: Medieval Warfare

A new set of rules at the club, havn't tried them myself, but the feedback was good. There'll be another shot at these next week.

Game: World War 2 in 20mm
Riles: WRG

Game: Medieval Skirmish in 25mm
Rules: One Braincell Medieval Skirmish by Jim Wallman

Another set of rules I hadn't seen before. They were obviously alot of fun judging by the roars of laughter from around the table...

Game: WW2 in 6mm
Rules: Spearhead

A historical scenario from the Battle of the Bulge. The first of a 2 week game...

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