04th March 2004

Here are the latest batch of games which took place at the club on Thursday 04th March 2004.

Game: SF
Rules: Battlefleet Gothic

After last week’s Warhammer 40K game, I’ve been itching for something historical. However, we’ve elected to give Battlefleet Gothic (hereafter referred to as BFG) a go, mainly due to the fact that Advanced Squad Leader is proving a tough nut to crack in respect of getting it up and running.

That said I played BFG some years ago, and I have fond memories of it, so it won’t be a chore to play. As it happens, Graeme and Malcolm expressed an interest so I decided to run the game for them and duly spent the week scratch building a space station for the scenario I’ve written. I also painted up the cruisers that come in the box and hunted down a reasonably priced piece of black cloth to serve as the battlezone.

The scenario involved a subsidiary attack by a small Chaos force to pin down Imperial reinforcements and stop them reaching the main Chaos assault.

As the Chaos ships begin in line abreast formation they have the early advantage over the Imperial forces ‘at anchor’.

I provided both players with details of their forces and objectives; set the table up and we were ready to go. I also had a few surprises up my sleeve for both players, in the form of some random events that I would impose during the game!

Despite having the slightly larger force, I considered that the Imperial side (Malcolm) had the harder task. His force began out of formation and his objectives were split between defending the space station and preserving his force to be sent away to the main engagement.

Chaos (Graeme) opened proceedings with a headlong charge towards his main objective – destroying the space station. He ignored any subtleties or fancy manoeuvring, preferring a good Khornate Chaos tactic of getting stuck in and going for the prize!

Despite losing the Unforgivable (reduced to a burning wreck by combined Imperial fire), three cruisers got through and blasted the station to a shattered wreck.

The Imperial forces formed a ‘defence in depth’ field behind the dust cloud that succeeded in destroying one of the Chaos cruisers (Unforgivable), lances, torpedoes and bombers pounding it to a burning wreck. However, with the Chaos fleet stopping for nothing, it was through this field and onto the space station before the Imperials could react.
During the game, both sides had to cope with a solar flare sweeping the battlezone, the Chaos fleet had a minor rebellion and the Imperial fleet had engine problems, but all these interesting asides had little effect on the outcome of the battle. Perhaps the only special rule that did, was the fact that one imperial ship began the battle docked with the space station and could not move or fight until Malcolm rolled a 4+…

In the end, the Chaos fleet won by destroying the space station and there seems to have been little the Imperials could do to prevent this.

That said, the battle ended after ten turns with the Imperial fleet largely intact and the Chaos fleet in tatters (two crippled ships remaining, each with 1 Hit only!). Had an eleventh turn been played, both these ships would have been lost and the Imperials could have clawed back a draw (by destroying the Chaos fleet and counting all remaining ships as getting off the battlezone).

All told the game was great fun for all concerned and it certainly attracted spectators!

I think it was a very difficult scenario for the Imperial player to win as it seems that static defences are easily overcome. In future games I’ll keep things more mobile in the scenarios objectives.

The system itself works very well, is fun to play and generates a fast turn pace, keeping everyone’s interest going as it doesn’t get too bogged down in rules/charts etc. It also set me thinking about the inevitable tinkering that could be done to turn this into a WWII naval game, or even a bit of Trafalgar-esque lovelyness.

Next week we’re planning a bit of light relief with a game of that old favourite – Axis & Allies…

Comments – Graeme (Chaos)

This was a superb game, one I'd never tried before.......it has WW2 Naval conversion written all over it, though Malcolm reckons "General Quarters" is pretty good.

I think it was a close run thing at the end of the day...I was disappointed to lose all my ordnance so earkly in the game, and, had I known that boarding actions were so successful, it's a tactic I would have tried earlier.

I timed the ending of the game very well, but, as Steve pointed out, another turn and it would have been a very different result.

One thing I must add though, Steve's scratchbuilt space station is absolutely fantastic, a credit to the club.

Comments – Malcolm (Imperial)

What a task! I hope the Emperor will not be too displeased with me. At the outset my plan was to engage the enemy as soon as possible and inflict as much damage as I could. The delay in releasing my fourth ship did not help my plans, the fact that it only fired 3 times in a 10 turn game showed its limited impact. Knowing now how the torpedoes work I think I would either launch all of them in a mass wave to break up the opposing fleet formation or close to within range and release and hit the enemy in the same phase.
Servants of Chaos be warned we are learning fast and will not rest until the universe ( well my galaxy to be honest ) is free of your spawn.

Game: 1/6000(?) Ancient Naval
Rules: Not Sure

Game: 6mm WW2
Rules: GHQ Micro Armour

Game: 25mm Rennaisance
Rules: Warhammer ECW with Amendments


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