Partizan 2004 - Page 2

As the battle took place on a very flat, almost featureless plain we needed to make sure that what scenery there was was both authentic and of high quality. Working most evenings for several weeks prior to the game, Dave Jarvis, Barry Arnold and Stuart Hitchinson scratch-built the famous windmills, created new terrain boards with entrenched roads and fashioned two superb artillery emplacements. At the same time, Mr Jarvis and myself were frantically painting the last of the troops, who were based by practically the whole club membership during the last, panic-strewn week.

Our original intention was to actually play the game, using Warhammer ECW rules with my ongoing Thirty Years War supplemental rules. As it turned out, this didn't happen, due in no small part to the boys spending the previous evening in Lincoln getting absolutely sh1t-faced. Should I have been surprised? Remembering other outings to Kirriemuir; Waterloo; Arnhem; Stockholm;, no surprise ; Actually, I think the game might just have been pushing the envelope of Warhammer: Turn 1 - general Swedish advance. Turn 2 - any charges? Er, yes, twenty-two. Responses?

As it was, we just moved things around occasionally, held our heads in our hands and staggered around the show. I spent thirty-five pounds - a new record low by at least an order of magnitude. Dave Thomas was seen wringing his hands all the way to the beer festival.

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