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Article by Steve Spence, Club Secretary - see his website, with additional photos of the troops prior to the battle, together with other goodies, at:

At the 2004 Partizan MMIV show, Durham Wargames Group put on a demonstration game, depicting the climax of Gustavus Adolphus' career, the battle of Lutzen. The game was the culmination of four years' preparation and involved over 1100 28mm figures painted to the highest standards (he says, modestly!), as well as scratch-built scenery, all laid out on an 18 foot by 6 foot table. The figures involved came from my collection and those of Dave Jarvis, Nigel Brough, Shaun Lowery, Stuart Hitchinson, Steve Holden and Conrad Cairns.
The figures come from a variety of manufacturers: the Swedes include Foundry, Old Glory, Perry Miniatures and a new range from 1st Corps, commissioned especially for this game by yours truly! The Imperialists are mainly Foundry and Perry, with some Glory Croats.

The game portrayed the morning Swedish attack on the Imperialist prepared defences. We endeavoured to recreate the scene as closely as possible, within the limitations of the space available. Thus, we fielded (at an approximate figure scale of 1:20) the whole Imperialist front line as detailed in Richard Brzezinski's Osprey Campaign opus, Lutzen 1632. Unfortunately, the Swedish front line frontage extended to 21 feet (!) and - as we were restricted to 18 feet - we decided to cut the number of cavalry squadrons on each wing from six to five.

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