Anzio Campaign:
Highway 7, West of Cisterna
Blitzkrieg Commander 2

This scenario represents 7th Infantry Regiment’s attempt to cross the railway line that forms the main line of German defences in front of Highway 7 west of Cisterna. Historically, the Americans were unable to get their armour across the cutting holding the railway line because the Germans had blown the only bridge. This is an apocriphal scenario, where the German charges fail to go off!

The scenario is based on a Two Fat Lardies scenario, from the Anzio Sourcebook.


If anyone is interested, the figures are all Pendraken 10mm.

House Rules

The game is played at 1:1 scale, so uses the following "house" rules (we have others, but these were all that were needed for this game):

- 2 infantry bases represent 1 squad
- Weapon ranges are doubled.
- 60mm Mortar stands added - 2/40 (doubled), 4 hits. Snoke (10cm x 10cm per gun).
- Bazookas/Panzerschrecks are treated as seperate stands, again with 4 hits.
- 80mm Mortars are used offboard, as per artillery.


US FORCES (all arrive on the southern edge, vehicles on the road):

Company HQ: 1 x CO (CV9)
1st Platoon: 1 x HQ (CV8), 6 x Infantry
2nd Platoon: 1 x HQ (CV8), 6 x Infantry
3rd Platoon: 1 x HQ (CV8), 6 x Infantry
Support Weapons: 3 x MMG; 3 x 60mm Mortar; 3 x Bazooka Team
Attached Tanks: 4 x M4 Sherman 75
Attached Tank Destroyers: 3 x M10, 1 x M20 (Recee)

GERMAN FORCES (all deploy hidden in buildings/afv pits/dug in):

Company HQ: 1 x CO (CV9)
1st Platoon: 1 x HQ (CV8), 4 x Infantry (each with 1 Panzerfaust)
2nd Platoon: 1 x HQ (CV8), 4 x Infantry (each with 1 Panzerfaust)
Support: 4 x MMG, 1 x PAK 40, 1 x 75mm IG
Attached Panzerjagers: 2 x StuG IIIG


the view looking South (german end)

Ground was mainly open, with a few light lines of trees to block LOS. The buildings on the rise at the German end were fortified and loopholed. The stream is fordable. The main terrain feature is the railway line, which lies at the bottom of a deep gorge, crossable as linear terrain for infantry (1 move in, 1 move out), but impassable to vehicles.

the view looking Sorth (american end)

The Germans deployed 1 squad and 1 MMG in each of the 4 fortified buildings. The Stugs were in AFV pits in the woods at in the centre of the table, the Pak 40 and 150mm IG dug in in the trees on the west of the rise. These would all remain hidden until they either fire, or the US Infantry are close enough to see them.

US Forces

The US Advance

The American player decided to advance down the Western side of the board, concentrating his attack on the German flank, and using the trees/building to block line of sight whereever possible. The vehicles (under direct control of the CO) all advanced down the centre, again, using trees to block line of sight.

US Under Fire

Once the Americans came within range, the German MMGs opened fire, causing havoc in the US lines. Note that we use small dice to mark casualties. Colour is irrelevant. We place the dice BEHIND the base if the unit is hit, and ON the base if it's suppressed. As you see from the piccie above, both units are suppressed....the rear one as a result of the front one retreating!

German Machine Guns Revealed!!!

This is where things got difficult for the Germans.....the US player started using the 3 x 60mm mortars to call down smoke like there was no tomorrow...blocking off the HMG lines of fire.

StuGs revealed!

American tanks

The American tanks moved to the treeline, where they were fired on by the StuGs, taking out an M10.

Americans advance on the Western flank.

Using smoke to block off the German firelanes, the Americans advanced on the western flank. The Pak 40 and 75mm IG revealed themselves, as did some infantry, and the americans came under heavy fire, losing several stands.

The advance breaks across the bridge.

At this point, the Americans fired on the Pak 40, taking it out, and close assaulted the Infantry Gun, again, destroying it...whilst smoke from the 60mm Mortars blocked the Stug firelanes, leaving the way open for the tanks to get across the bridge unhindered.

Relentless smoke from the 60s blocked the Stug firelanes turn after turn, whilst on the right, a spectacular series of bad command rolls from the Germans meant a limited response....!!!


The Stugs advanced through the smoke to try to flank the Shermans/M10s, who were begining to cause significant damage, and managed to eliminate a couple of tanks, before themselves being neutralised.

Casualties at this point began to take their toll, and the German forces surrendered...

Lessons Learned

The 1:1 games work extremely well, however, I have a feeling that smoke from the 60mm guns were just too powerful. I think a 50mm x 50mm template for each mortar would probably be more realistic. Johns un-erring ability to make every command roll he rolled for the smoke was frightening though!!!

I really like the new split between AT, AP and CC in BKC-2....much more realistic I think. There are lots of other small improvements, which also make an already good set of rules better...though I forgot about the COs ability to issue orders to a command that had failed it's roll.

- Graeme, Webmaster, DWG,