'Saving Tommy Atkins' or 'Great War Terrain on a Budget'

(Dave Parker and Nigel Gould)

Part 1

Duckboards, cut from strips of card were to the trench floors.

Revetments were cut from thin card and sandbags created from salt dough.
The farm takes shape: featuring a cart and rats from Irregular Miniatures.
As a ground surface, we used plasterer’s bonding, mixed with PVA glue, to cover the boards.

The bonding was then painted with clay coloured emulsion paint, followed by a dark wash (double espresso!).

Here we see the view from Mucky Farm.

The view from Hindsight Wood.
The view from the opposite lines.

The view along ‘Old Kent Road’.

The road surface was created from roofing felt inlaid into the bonding.

Several layers of drybrushing were added to the basic groundwork.

At this point the boards were looking good but rather dull. Furthermore, we found that our figures tended to ‘disappear’ amongst all that brown. Hence, we decided we needed to add green fields.

Interestingly, the Lardies faced the same dilemma with their own trench terrain:

Here we see the first layer of green paint.

Several layers of drybrushing later and we were ready to go.
Here we see the German garrison of mucky Farm, during the play test game.
The British reach Old Kent Road, during the play test.

So there we have it: how we built a small piece of the Western Front.

As mentioned previously, this will be on display at our annual show, on the 9th June 2012, and we will be pleased to welcome anyone wanting to join in with our game of ‘Mud and Blood’. Please stop by and say hello.

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