The Tempest Bowl 2006

Durham Wargames Group's First (and probably only) Blood Bowl League

Calling all maniacal coaches, the 1ST BLOOD BOWL LEAGUE season is due to kick off THURSDAY 9TH MARCH.

The PLAY-OFS and FINAL will be played 2nd December 2006.

The contest is for the honoured prize of the TEMPEST BOWL TROPHY.

All you need to join in the league is:

  • A copy of the BLOOD BOWL rules (downloadable for free from the Games Workshop website)
  • A BLOOD BOWL team of at least 11 players (available from Games Workshop via the Blood Bowl boxed game, their direct mail trading facilities or more economically from ebay, or for the modellers among you by converting other GW or different manufacturers 28mm figs)
  • A sense of humour and fun

In the true spirit of BLOOD BOWL the TEMPEST BOWL LEAGUE is a random, non-structured affair. All you need to do to be in with a chance of the trophy is play a minimum 10 games against other league opponents over the course of 2006. At two games an evening that’s a minimum one evening’s play every two months!

Further league details and any house rules will be published on DWG’s website and posted here, so keep your eyes peeled.

To sign up for the mayhem, and register for the league, sign up by the 9TH March 2006. Late entries will of course be accepted.

If further details are needed contact Steve Hardy (in person or through the email link provided).

House Rules

The final version of the House Rules, Match Report Sheet and Team Roster Sheet are now available to download (MS Word Format for now - PDFs coming soon):