Flames Over Asia

The following are a set of simple rules to administer a campaign for the DBM Wargames Rules (Version 3.0 by Phil Barker & Richard Bodley Scott). These campaign rules have been written without permission from the above authors and are unofficial. No infringement is intended.

The intent of these rules is to provide a structured framework of context for a series of linked battles using the DBM rule system. In addition, the campaign rules have been written to introduce elements of the historical problems faced by the actual protagonists. This is likely to produce difficult or disjointed battles not normally seen in the ‘equal points’ arena of DBM competition play.

The various protagonists also have different campaign goals that may well affect the way in which they approach and play each battle. Again this will hopefully contribute to the enjoyment of the campaign.

The campaign takes place in a fictional historical Asia and begins in 1200AD.

Unless otherwise specified in these rules variants, all DBM rules apply as normal.

The campaign Rules can be downloaded using the following links:

Campaign Progress

Information on Campaign Progress will be posted when available...