Campaigns and Projects

This section contains information about special club projects and campaigns which are either taking place at the moment, or have now been completed.

Wargames Terrain

by Conrad Cairns

Since the start of 2018 some of us have been dusting off (literally) and restoring pieces of DWG terrain which have been damaged over the years. While looking for such items, we discovered two fortifications which have not been used in living memory, but which are now ready for use (although a bit delicate, due to the original methods of construction).

'Saving Tommy Atkins' or 'Great War Terrain on a Budget'

(Dave Parker and Nigel Gould

It all began in June 2011, at the end of another successful Durham Wargames Group Open Day. Nige, after having a year off from putting on a game at the show, was itching to have a go at another big project. It must have been post show euphoria but I foolishly agreed to help before we had even decided on the nature of the project.
Nevertheless, after a few moments thought, we swiftly came to the conclusion that we wanted to put on a World War One participation game, using Through the Mud and Blood by the Too Fat Lardies. I already had the figures, so all we would need would be some trench terrain. How hard could that be?

A Very British Civil War

A fun "what if" campaign based around what MAY have happened had Edward VIII chosen not to abdicate, and instead, had asked mosley and his blackshirts to form a government. There have been four games played so far:

The Battle of Raphia 217BC

Between Antiochos III and Ptolomy IV line up on the flat plain near Raphia (demonstration game from Stockton Show). Click here to view the pictures.

The Battle of Hastings 1066AD

The Normans Face the Saxon Shieldwall (demonstration game from Stockton Show). Click here to view the pictures

The Tempest Bowl 2006

Durham Wargames Group's First (and probably only) Blood Bowl League. Click here for more information.

Flames Over Asia

A DBM campaign, c1200AD, with the objective being the total military domination of Asia. The Protagonists are Mongols, Mamluks, Turks, Indians and Chinese.
To View Information about the Flames over Asia Campaign, Click Here.