ADLG Tournament

The 2018/19 ADLG tournament details are as follows:


Round Robin, everyone plays one game against everyone else, games to be completed prior to the club AGM 2019.


Games will be 200 points, on a 120cm x 80cm table, with a game time of 2hrs 30mins. Scoring system will be the standard tournament system - games will finish at the end of the phase in which time is called. Send your results to Graeme for publication - he will need ARMIES USED, STARTING NO. OF UNITS, ATTRITION POINTS LOST, WIN, LOSS OR DRAW.


Any army dated between 500BC and 500 AD inclusive, different armies & lists may be used throughout the year. An army should be given a specific date, and only options/allies available on that date may be used.


Current entrants are:

  1. Graeme Carroll
  2. Stephen Hardy
  3. Malcolm Gordon
  4. Dave Pryer
  5. John Hogan
  6. Bob Middlemist
  7. Martin Welsh
  8. John Edwards

We can cope with more players if anyone wants to join in, just let Graeme know!

Results So Far

Player 1Army & Losses/StartingScorePlayer 2 (Army)Army & Losses/StartingScore
Stephen Hardy121 Tamil Indian - Lost 14/2589Malcolm Gordon68 Later Achaemenid Persian - Lost 28/2821
Graeme Carroll110 Huns - Lost 10/2392Martin Welsh84 Early Imperial Roman - Lost 22/2218
Stephen Hardy121 Tamil Indian - Lost 14/2589Bob Middlemist54 Early Carthaginian - Lost 24/2421
Graeme Carroll110 Huns - Lost 22/2381John Hogan40 Alexander the Great - Lost 21/2129