ADLG Tournament

The 2018/19 ADLG tournament details are as follows:


Round Robin, everyone plays one game against everyone else, games to be completed prior to the club AGM 2019.


Games will be 200 points, on a 120cm x 80cm table, with a game time of 2hrs 30mins. Scoring system will be the standard tournament system - games will finish at the end of the phase in which time is called. Send your results to Graeme for publication - he will need ARMIES USED, STARTING NO. OF UNITS, ATTRITION POINTS LOST, WIN, LOSS OR DRAW.


Any army dated between 500BC and 500 AD inclusive, different armies & lists may be used throughout the year. An army should be given a specific date, and only options/allies available on that date may be used.


Current entrants/scores/games played are:

  1. Graeme Carroll: 264 points, 3 games played
  2. John Hogan 232 points, 4 games played
  3. Stephen Hardy 178 points, 2 games played
  4. Bob Middlemist 156 points, 4 games played
  5. Malcolm Gordon 135 points, 3 games played
  6. John Edwards 82 points, 1 game played
  7. Martin Welsh 53 points, 3 games played

We can cope with more players if anyone wants to join in, just let Graeme know!

Results So Far

Player 1Army & Losses/StartingScorePlayer 2 (Army)Army & Losses/StartingScore
Stephen Hardy121 Tamil Indian - Lost 14/2589Malcolm Gordon68 Later Achaemenid Persian - Lost 28/2821
Graeme Carroll110 Huns - Lost 10/2392Martin Welsh84 Early Imperial Roman - Lost 22/2218
Stephen Hardy121 Tamil Indian - Lost 14/2589Bob Middlemist54 Early Carthaginian - Lost 24/2421
Graeme Carroll110 Huns - Lost 22/2381John Hogan40 Alexander the Great - Lost 21/2129
Graeme Carroll110 Huns - Lost 11/2491Bob Middlemist56 Numidean - Lost 27/2719
Malcolm Gordon42 Seleucid - Lost 14/2086John Hogan43 Ptolomeic - Lost 21/2124
John Hogan43 Ptolomeic - Lost 15/2186Bob Middlemist55 Carthaginian - Lost 29/2924
Bob Middlemist55 Carthaginian - Lost 13/2992Martin Welsh84 Early Imperial Roman - Lost 22/2218
John Edwards82 Triumvirate Roman - Lost 22/2482Malcolm Gordon42 Seleucid - Lost 20/2028
John Hogan43 Ptolomeic - Lost 8/2193Martin Welsh84 Early Imperial Roman - Lost 22/2217